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Luscious Lips for the Best Lip Techs Ebook

Luscious Lips for the Best Lip Techs Ebook

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This is a digital download! This is NOT a physical product. There will be NO refunds when purchased. 

This book is best for Lip Technicians who are already certified as I do not cover the basics in this book. I will use terms and say things that those who have taken a beginner course would understand. 

Want to learn how I achieve large luscious lips on my clients? I created this book to help my fellow techs who ask me how I get the results I do. I took a lot of time to write this out and create mappings on clients I have worked on. 

I show you images on how to grip the lips and which angles to get the product in. As well as discussing which filler, and pen I use. 

I can't wait to see your results! Practice, Practice, Practice! 

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